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252 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Mkd. Jock. any suprax cefixime tablets other way whatever. After several weeks spent in mountain ex- cursions, the condition of the patient is radically changed for the better. There is an elasticity of the mental processes in place of the former hebetude; will, thought, and impulse seem to move on wings; the formerlv dull senses are sharpened; the formerly half-closed eyes sparkle, and the flabby cheeks become fuller and rosy ; the formerly prominent abdomen is reduced to more seemly dimensions, notwith- standing that food and drink are taken with greater relish, and the chest is expanded. These changes, it is true, are not without their in- conveniences to the patient as regards his apparel, for his suprax 100 unmention- ables are found to have become much too wide around the waist, while his coat, collar, and shirt are too small. The one who was before so heavy and dull now feels as elastic and springy as if suprax tablets the burden of earthly existence had been lifted from his shoulders, and, almost as in his childhood days, he goes running and springing along, buy suprax and covers a dis- tance of ten or twelve miles a day. He is no longer in the shape of a discontented and surly creature, a parody suprax mg on man, but fits better in the ranks of other strong and happy beings; he is possessed of a new spirit, the pulse beats more strongly, and the tone of the entire suprax injections circula- tory system is better. I will now instance a few cases showing the good results obtained by patients whom I have accompanied in various mountain tours in Europe and other parts of the world. Case I. — J. B., forty years of age, weight 230 pounds. Circum- ference of the waist, 120 ctni.; of the chest, 116 ctm. The first walk caused him to gasp for breath, so that he was almost snorting. The tired heart, with its faint pulsations, seemed hardly adequate to the task imposed upon it, and the patient was forced to stop every three minutes. antibiotic suprax On the second day the breathing was a little more easy ; in- stead of the snorting respirations, the breath came in quick panting jerks, as in pneumonia. He was obliged to rest every five minutes. The secretions were increased in amount and the torpid condition of the bowels was corrected. The distance covered in the walk was lengthened a little each day. At the end of a month, climbing caused but slight acceleration of the respirations, which were also almost inaudible ; there was only moderate perspiration, and the patient was able to continue for at least a quarter of an hour without stopping to rest ; and he could soon climb for four hours a day, whereas on the first day he could barelv continue for a single hour. The cardiac contractions were now full and strong, and the patient had long since lost the feeling of op- pression of the chest and dyspnoea. At the end of the trip his weight was -US pounds, the circumference of the waist 10" ctm., and of the chest suprax generation 121 ctm. Case II. — T. R. had suffered from paralysis of the left facial nerve. In 1879, when he buy suprax online was thirty-four years old, he had had another attack, and, although under the best of medical care, his physician would not promise a perfect cure. The treatment had consisted in the application of a strong galvanic current. At the conclusion of his treatment the patient still had had a feeling of numbness in the affected cheek. After an excursion of three weeks' duration this numbness had entirely disappeared, and there has been no return since that time. On one oc_ casion the patient objected to taking the walk, on account of a severe and painful attack of diarrhoea ; but he finally yielded to my advice and went, and two hours later all the symptoms had disappeared. Case III. — E. F. S., fifty years old, had suffered for thirteen years from rheumatism. At first I let him ride a part of the way and walk a part on suprax antibiotics level ground. At the end of two weeks he could climb hills. After doing this for a week and a half his rheumatism had permanent- ly disappeared. The patient indulges in this mode of treatment now every summer. Case IV. — C. W., thirty-nine years of age, was plethoric and hypo- chondriacal, and suffered from haemorrhoids. An improvement was noticeable at the end of two weeks ; and at the expiration of four weeks the haemorrhoids had entirely disappeared, and the patient began to enjoy life. His weight at the beginning was '211 pounds, at the end of the trip it was 185 pounds ; the measurements around the abdomen and chest were 108 ctm. and 104 ctm. respectively at the commencement of the suprax injection tour, and 98 and 109 ctm. at its termination. Case V.— II. 1.., thirty-two years old, was suffering from chronic catarrh of the purchase suprax stomach. There was a noticeable improvement at the end of one week, and after three weeks the stomach was in good condi- tion, and the patient was obliged to observe but little care in his diet. A bronchial catarrh, which had given him constant trouble, was much improved the first suprax 400 mg tablet day, and had disappeared by the end of the third day. His weight was at the commencement 145 pounds, and at the termination order suprax of the trip 160 pounds. Case VI. — L. S., twenty-five years old, suffered from psoriasis. At the end of twenty-four days this had permanently disappeared. suprax 400mg Case VII. — J. B., eighteen years of age, had trouble at both apices, and complained of a poor appetite. At the end of five weeks the pa- tient had gained nine pounds in weight and felt very well. Case VIII. — Miss A. O., nineteen years old, had chlorosis, amenor- rhcea, and suffered from a miserable appetite. After seven days there was a marked improvement, and at the end generic suprax of two weeks the patient presented the appearance of a healthy girl with an excellent appetite. Case IX. — Mrs. L. P., forty-eight years old, was weak, hysterical, and had not menstruated for two years. At the expiration of eight weeks she was much stronger, had no more hysterical attacks, and menstruation had commenced again. In organizing parties for mountain-climbing, it is necessary to have everything arranged and to attend to certain preliminary details. Regu- lations should be established as to the gradual increase in the extent of the daily ascents, the periods for rest, the choice of food, the permis- sion to drink, the suprax antibiotic for children regulation of time for stool, the protection of the feet, legs, and nates against chafing and the formation of blisters, the protection of the neck, and finally the selection of the mountain up which the ascent is to be made ; these are all points which require suprax cefixime careful consideration. The European mountains, where there is a better climate, and, as a rule, better paths than are to be found in the mount- suprax cefixime 400 mg ains of America, are to be preferred. An exception is, however, to be made in favor of the Adirondacks and some other mountains in the Eastern States, which might answer as places for exercise for Ameri- can youths in search of health. It is necessary to take into considera- tion the individuality of the patient ; and, in order to avoid monotony, which may be wearisome to the patient, it will be advisable to change from one mountain or one locality to another, so that the patient will

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