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used over the ear pieces of spectacles. Prilosec Buy The wire acted as a guide and one could go into any one of the bronchi and it would not leak. He said that Dr. Carmody's paper had interested him exceedingly, but he thought one should distinguish between lung abscesses due to foreign body and those due to dis- eases of the lungs. Prilosec Online The abscesses due to foreign bodies were 20 Mg Prilosec much more amenable to treatment than those due to pulmonary disease and after the re- moval of the foreign body most of those abscesses had a tendency to get well spontaneously. The same thing was true in lung abscesses following tonsillec- tomy, in a large number of which the patients recov- ered. Investigations made at Mt. Sinai Hospital showed that the lung abscesses following tonsillec- tomy usually occurred nine or ten days after the operation, and this happened with such regularity that they assumed that tliere was a specific organism which caused them, but it had not yet been isolated. Many of these patients got well and it might be, as Dr. Mosher said, that everybody was not as truthful as the Boston men, because in private conversation with various men he Otc Prilosec had occasionally heard of Prilosec 20 a lung abscess following tonsillotomy. He thought there were many more such cases than had been recorded. The patients who got well after three or six months were not likely to get well spontaneously. They had succeeded by irrigation in curing cases of lung abscesses following tonsillectomy, which had existed as long as a year. The method which they used consists of repeated irrigation with iodine solu- tion. He hoped to hear from Dr. Lynah what his latest experience had been. Personally he had been afraid to place a quantity of the foreign body into the lungs and in some of Dr. Lynah's cases the bis- muth had not been deposited in the abscess, a good deal of it had run over into healthy lung and re- mained Prilosec Omeprazole in the healthy lung much longer than it did in the abscess cavity and it would be extremely in- teresting to know what had become of it. If bis- muth injected into lung abscess would act as a per- manent antiseptic and help to cure these cases, it would prove to be a most valuable method. Per- haps other drugs could What Is Prilosec be used. He had tried once to inject a weak iodoform emulsion into these cavi- ties and it created a marked reaction and he had not tried it since. The iodine solution, which could be increased in strength until it reached about 1-500, seemed to Prilosec Mg have given the best results, although the percentage of cases he had completely cured was very small. That was perhaps partly due to the fact that the patients referred to him had been given up both by the internist in the hospital and then Cheap Prilosec by the surgeons. When they are beyond the, reach of Coupon Prilosec operation and the internist could do no more, Dr. Yankauer said he tried to cure by washing out. Most of the cases were of long standing, quite a number extensive bilateral bronchiectasis. They had succeeded in bringing about great improvement in these patients so that they could go back to work, coming in once in two weeks or once a month for bronchioscopic treatment. Dr. Yankauer thought it might be of interest to state that these patients were always cocainized for bronchoscopies ; it had not been possible to pass a bronchoscope without cocainization. The fact of greatest importance in this connection, however, was that the bronchoscopists were beginning to get hold of these cases, and if all bronchoscopists would im- press upon internists in hospitals the value of bron- choscopic Prilosec 20 Mg examination and treatment in the various pulmonary diseases, the usefulness of the broncho- scope would be greatly extended. Dr. Yankauer said he was convinced that in the future the main use of the bronchoscope would be for diagnosis and treatment of intrathoracic diseases, because the proper treatment for foreign bodies was the prophy- ' lactic treatment rather than the removal. Dr. Lee W. Dean, of Iowa City, Iowa, said that the cases of chronic abscess of the lungs that he had treated had been referred to him by internists and they had been very proud of the results which were secured. As a matter of fact, with the Online Prilosec exception of one Purchase Prilosec case, in which there was a quadruple Wasser- niann reaction, and in those cases where a foreign body was present in the lung, the final results of treatment had been very poor. Omeprazole Prilosec Our patients were all ex-urban and where no treatment had been given for two years the patients had had much discomfort. When the bronchoscopic treatment was continued the patients were much better. Early Hodgkin's Disease. — Dr. Lee M. Hurd, Prilosec Otc of New York, reported a case of Hodgkin's disease in which endoscopy led to the diagnosis. (See page 746.) June 21, 1922.] PROCEEDINGS OP SOCIETIES. "93 Dr. Sidney Yankauer, in Buy Prilosec discussing Dr. Hurd's l>aper, said that the case was extremely interest- ing, particularly Order Prilosec as it illustrated the value of bronchoscopy in chest conditions. They had been able to make diagnoses of pulmonary tumors in a Prilosec Purchase number of cases — about eleven or twelve now. The extrabronchial tumors, such as this one was, were known to be very difficult to diagnose bronchoscopi- cally, because one did not see the tumors and had to judge of the presence of a tumor by the manner in which it compressed the trachea and bronchi. Two interesting cases were seen in Mt. Sinai Hospital about two years ago. In one case a tumor was dis- tinctly shown by the x ray, but the diagnosis Prilosec Cheap could not be made. It lay between dermoid cyst or the mediastinum and a neoplasm. Dermoid cysts occur in the anterior mediastinum and malignant neoplasms in the posterior mediastinum. With the broncho-

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