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ography. — Hulzknecht. Lenk. Porcles, Kriser. purchase prednisone online prednisone mg and W'internitz (IViencr hlinische U'ochcnsehrift. ?ilarch .^0. 1922) report a case which showed a fistula closely behind and l)eIow the greater trochanter. The question arose whether the focus of suppura- tion was in the right hip purchase prednisone joint or in buy prednisone the sacrum. The rontgenogram without the use of a contrast medium filling the sinus revealed a destructive process with absorption and sequestration at the body of the first sacral segment, at its left and appareittly anterior half, but the right hip showed no pathological con- dition whatever. The clinical examination gave no definite information as to the site of the involvement. .\ rontgenogram of the fistula filled with a contrast medium in the anteroposterior direction showed a sinus running obliquely inward and upward, with a short branch running toward the femoral neck, and the sinus tlien followed a straight cheap prednisone course to the b'odv of the second sacral vertebra where there was a cav- ity : the question prednisone price of the involvement of the hip re- mained unsettled. A transverse exposure of the sacrum and hip with a contrast medium filling the sinus revealed the sinus to be behind the femur, running upward. The previously described branch (if the sinus seen in the anteroposterior plate of the femoral neck, became lost prednisone online in the main tract and therefore lay in the frontal plane. The sinus left the pelvis in the region of the great sciatic foramen and enierged near the great trochanter. End Results in Obstetrics. — C. J. .Andrews [American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, May. 1922), going over 150 private case records, found a comparatively large number of instances of retroverted uterus at "discharge examinations" after labor. He urges that obstetrical cases should be not finally discharged until the uterus is in order prednisone posi- tion, if this can be secured by simple office treat- ment. For replacing the uterus he uses a method suggested by J. C. Hirst in which the double tenacu- lum is first placed on the anterior lip of the cervix and the fundus released by gentle traction. The te- naculum is then held by an prednisone 20mg assistant, while the fundus is lifted and held forward by two fingers in the vagina. order prednisone online The assistant now pushes the cervi.x down- ward and backward, and prednisone cost thereby assists the other hand on the abdomen in catching the fundus aitd bringing it forward. This maneuvre makes it un- necessarv to buy prednisone online use the knee chest posture and is much more effectual and satisfactory. After the uterus is replaced, it is in some let alone, while in others a hard rubber pessary is used. Proceedings of Societies AMERICAN BRONCHOSCOPIC SOCIETY. FoiuiJi Annual Meeting Held in Atlantic City. N. J.. June 1. n2L The President. Dr. Henry L. Lvn.\h, in the Chair. President's Address. — Dr. Lynah. in his ad- dress as president, said he thought that attention- should be called to the object of the society. Mem- bers were wanted, particularly those practising bron- choscopy, direct laryngoscopy and esophagoscopy. Of course those members who were taking courses with Dr Jackson, Dr. Forbes or the chairman, became proficient in bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy or esopha- goscopv in a short time, but it meant that they inust practice for a long time after they received instruction. Among recent amendments to the con- stitution was one which provided that a man should present a thesis when applying for membership in the society, as in the American Laryngological and Triological, and that would now be required. It would also be a good plan to have each man present something on endoscopic work to show that he was familiar with the work on that subject. The re- mainder of Dr. Lynah's brief address dealt with the matter of changing the name of the society prednisone 10mg from the Association of American Peroral Endoscopists to American Bronchoscopic Society. Bronchoscopic Cases of Dental Origin.— Dr. H. H. Forbes, of New York, read a paper on this subject which appears on page 738 of this issue. Dr. Thomas H. Halsted, of Syracuse, in dis- cussing the subject, cited a case in which a tooth was inhaled and remained in the lung fourteen years. The patient, a man over fifty, came to him. he said, two years ago, complaining of fetid expec- toration, which was profuse. Suspecting a foreign body, incjuiry was made regarding its possibility, but only after much questioning did it develop that generic prednisone cough followed extraction, under ether, of several teeth fourteen years before ; his trouble evidently began at or about this time. An x ray was made, and, as in Dr. Yankauer's case, there was much difference of opinion as to whether the plate showed anything abnoriiial. Dr. Halsted said prednisone tablets he thought he' detected a shadow at the junction of rib and sternum, but the rontgenologist thought there was nothing abnormal. A second plate was not much more satisfactory but he was convinced there was a shadow, and advised bronchoscopic examination and removal if possible. Bronchoscopy, under ether. was done and a stricture with cavity beyond found, but the foreign body was not located. It was the most difficult bronchoscopy in many respects that he had had. Cough was uncontrollable, dyspnea serious and threatening, so that it was a relief to have him leave the table alive after an hour's fruitless effort. Dr. Halsted referred him to Dr. Chevalier Jackson, who saw him a month or so later. He confirmed the diagnosis, and operated, finding the stricture and cavhy. but not the foreign body. He also had a very serious time with the patient. A second opera- tion by Jackson six weeks later was more successful, dilating the stricture and remcwing a ]iart of the tootli. .\ serious cardiac disturbance developed fol- lowing the second operation, necessitating his being in bed for weeks. However, on buy cheap prednisone a subsequent opera- tion, Jackson removed more tooth particles, the pa-

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