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comparatively little space to the description of ap- paratus. He has considered the subject especially from the point of view of therapeutic indications. In his consideration of generic for nexium 40 mg the constant galvanic current the writer has shown by experiments that the older views concerning deep ionic medication which has been so widely held are physically impossible. He has recognized in this work the great value generic version of nexium of the static current as a therapeutic measure, and in the chapters on therapeutics he has outlined definitelv and scientifically the administrations of the modali- ties which are in accord with the views of the best authorities on the subject. Dr. Turrell has given the profession a work which will add very materialjy to the clarification of what has been a moot generic equivalent of nexium subjeC, clearly outlining and describing methods which are scientific and practical, basing his observations upon clinical experience. The work should be read by all the members of the profession who seek enlight- enment on this subject of increasing 80 mg nexium importance and significance. NONSPECIFIC THER.\PY. Protein Therapy and Nonspecific Resistance. By William F. Petersox, M. D., Associate in Pathology, University of Illinois, College of Medicine. With an Introduction by Joseph L. Miller. M. D., Professor of Medicine. Rush Medical College, University of Chicago. New York : The Macmillan Company. 1922. Pp. xvii-314. This interesting volume is an attempt to sum- marize our present knowledge in this field from every angle. It includes an historical survey of the early steps in nonspecific therapy, as well as the more modern means employed in its application in chronic diseases as developed in the past seven years. The methods used at the bedside for therapeutic ends have been when does nexium go generic described in detail, not for the purpose ot popularizing them, but, as the author states, "for the purpose of stimulating interest in a direction that seems to offer decided possibilities of advance." Nonspecific therapy deals largely with generic form of nexium activation of potential forces of the organism which have been held in abeyance in overcoming disease processes. This is evidenced by the fact that there is an in- crease in the antibody formation (agglutinins, pre- cipitins, opsonins ) , as well as fibrinogen and throm- bokinase, is there a generic for nexium as has been repeatedly observed. ^Mietber these are brought about by vaccines heterologous in nature, secondary proteoses or various other pro- generic name for nexium teins, such as milk, for examjjle, makes little dif- ference. The end result is the same — ]ilasma acti- vation. Naturally such methods should be effective, as the author suggests, so long as the body is in a fit state generic brand for nexium to respond to the stimulation. Numerous and detailed examples are cited of diseases in which nonspecific therapy has been em- ploved. Theories that . have been advanced in ex- planation of the modus operandi of this type of therapy in the diseases under discussion, are fully analyzed. An appendix of the various proteins and when will nexium become generic their split products has been embodied at the end of the book, which is written in a very readable form. The abundant bibliography which will prove of great value to buy generic nexium the immunologist as well as nexium 40 mg generic the student of general medicine, forms a notable feature of this very important as well as does nexium have a generic interesting mono- graph. SUBMUCOUS RESECTIONS. The Siihnnicoiis Resection of the Xasal Septum. By W. MEriD.\UGH Dunning. M. D.. Consulting Otologist. Ford- ham Hospital ; Consulting Otologist to Manhattan State Hospital ; Consulting Laryngologist, Ossining City Hos- pital, etc. New York : Surgery Publishing Company, 1921. Pp. viii-97. This booklet is a concise and greatly condensed compilation of practical points on the submucous resection of the nasal septum, and as such presents considerable interest to the active rhinologist. The value of the work is markedly enhanced by the fact that it embodies the results of the author's personal experience extending over a period of many years, emliracing thousands of cases. We fully concur in his statement that the operation is to be recommended in but twenty to twenty-five per cent, of cases of septal deviation, and we wish this fact could be im- pressed on the minds of many of the younger rhin- ologists who often, in their eagerness to operate in all cases of septal deviation, show a veritalDle furor operativus. It is because of the latter that this use- ful operative procedure, which in properly selected cases gives brilliant results, is in danger of falling into disrepute. The many illu-Strations help is there a generic nexium greatly in elucidating the text. TECHNIC what is the generic name for nexium OF DENTAL SURGERY. Operative Dental Surgery. By J. B. P.\RFiTT. L. R. C. P., M. R. C. S.. L. D. S., Dental Surgeon and Lecturer on Operative Dental Surgery at the Dental School of Guv's Hospital. London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1921. Pp. 313. In this attractive little volume, the author presents the substance of a short course of lectures delivered by him to the students of the Dental School of Guy's order nexium samples Hospital. In this work he has aimed to present a coherent body of what is the generic for nexium technical methods "of proved clin- ical value rather than to produce, a treatise on dental surgery and pathology. A perusal of the work leads to the opinion that the author has succeeded in producing the kind of work he intended to pro- duce. There are interesting and useful chapters on scaling, the control of the saliva, the operation of filling, ])ain saving in filling teeth, inlays, crowning, and many nexium dosage 80 mg other practical subjects what is generic for nexium of a technical character. That there is nothing new in this book that will startle .American dentists goes without saying, but it is filled widi useful teaching matter, which will be of interest to tlie ])ractical dentist. BOOK REVIEWS. 781 PULMONARY COMPLICATK )XS OF

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