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a diagnosis of pneumonia was made and no opera- tion performed. He repeated the story of the acci- dent, but no X ray was taken. He was coughing continually and also spitting blood, but was sent back to duty about January 19, 1919. He was re- admitted to hospital on January 25, 1919, and a diagnosis of influenza \yas made. Later measles developed. He was transferred on March 10, 1919, to Base Hospital 103, Dijon, France. He again repeated his story and was flomax cost fluoroscoped but no foreign body discovered. He was trans- ferred to various hospitals in France and then sent to the flomax prices United States, to General Hospital 19, Oteen, N. C. X rays were taken but no foreign body dis- covered. He stopped telling of aspirating generic of flomax the pencil flomax women protector because his story was not credited. He was operated upon on May 8, 1919, for appendicitis, and transferred to General Hospital 21, Colorado. X ray showed flomax online foreign body in left lower lobe and the diagnosis was : Nontuberculous, after sixty-seven negative sputum examinations. Transferred to Wal- ter Reed Hospital, Washington, flomax 0.4 mg D. C, April 24, 1920. On May 27, 1920, fragments of protector were removed through bronchoscope from left bronchus by Dr. Chevalier Jackson, at Jefferson Hos- pital. Patient discharged from hospital and army July 23, 1920, much improved. He noticed, how- ever, that every time he contracted a cold flomax tamsulosin it affected the left lung more than right, and he always felt some pain in the left chest on deep breathing. Occa- flomax alternative sionally he spat up blood streaked material, and al- most pure blood when generic for flomax he had a cold. He coughed a great deal during the day and raised about four ounces of sputum in twenty-four hours, but did not cough during the night. Since his discharge, no. hospitalization had been necessary. The patient flomax price is at present taking vocational training in agriculture. A physical examination showed the constitutional symptoms to be a cough, with copious, rather foul, thick expectoration, increased by stooping posture or lying with head low. His height was sixty-seven inches, weight at present, 146 pounds, normal 152 pounds. His temperature was 98.6°, pulse 74. His color was poor, general nutrition fair, marked clubbing of fingers ; chest about normal in contour with prominent clavicles ; heaving apex impulse in fifth interspace nipple line, slight lagging in expan- sion at left base. Resonance was impaired above sec- ond rib right and throughout left, particularly over lower left lobe ; breath sound suppressed over entire left lung (suppression marked at base, anteriorly). There were variable coarse rales from base to apex on the left, with bubbling rales after cough over lower radiation ; left especially alternative to flomax marked internal ta angle or scapula with marked increase in whispered voice in latter area. Right lung presented only a few scattered variable rales. Heart was normal in size but apex displaced slightly to left (adhesions) ; no murmurs. Pulmonic second sound was moder- ately accentuated. A diagnosis was made of severe chronic bronchitis with bronchiectasis ; pleurisy, chronic fibrous, left base. The possibility of tuber- culosis was not excluded, but was doubtful in view of sixty-seven negative sputum examinations. The patient flomax 0.4 was flomax cr bronchoscoped on May 27, 1921, and about three ounces of pus aspirated from the left lower lobe. Although the right showed a large lymph node in the skiagram, which was thought to be a foreign body, it was entirely normal. It was found necessary to remove granulation tis- sue in these cases. Silver and iodine solutions caused sufficient contraction to give better drainage. The position on the table was semi-Trendelberg or Jack- son. In either of these positions pus would at times flow out of the bronchoscope and saved a certain amount of aspiration. Powder blown into bronchi had not produced sufficient shadow to show in skiagram. Catheter would show in cavity, and should curl cost of flomax if cavity was large enough, thus differentiating lietween abscess and bronchiectasis. The what is flomax flomax generic price of flomax aftertreat- nient consisted of placing the patient in bed with the foot raised eight to ten inches. Inhalations of com- pound tincture of benzoin or terebene were used the same as has been done for years in tracheotomy cases. Metropolitan Building. IGLAUER: CARDIOSPASM. 745 Pneumoperitoneum as flomax for women an Aid in the Diagnosis of Cardiospasm* By SAMUEL IGLAUER, B. S., M. D., Cincinnati. Our knowledge of the cause of the symptom com- plex commonly called cardiospasm still remains ob- scure. According to Jackson (1) the flomax in women term cardio- spasm is rather a misnomer since spasm limited solely to the cardia "is exceedingly rare, while spasm of the abdominal esophagus and of the esophagus at the hiatus either separately or together are relatively common." It seems likely that the anatomical rela- tions of the lower esophagus play a considerable role in the causation of esophagismus. The original work of Mosher (2), revealed the intimate association of the abdominal esophagus and liver. He stated that "below the diaphragm the esophagus passed through a tunnel of liver" — and added, "I have come to the con- clusion that the liver is the chief factor in de- tennining the form and

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