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5. This Famvir 500 Mg compression is increased by overextension of the head. 6. Before doing esophagoscopy on young chil- dren, especially under twelve months of age, the size and condition of the thjnius gland should always he determined as far as possible. Purchase Famvir Online REFERENCES. 1. Jackson: Journal A. M. A., vol. Ixxvi. pp. 577-79. 1018 Westinghouse Buildixc. y.lNKAUER: LUNG TUMOR. ■41 Two Cases of Lung Tumor Treated Bronchoscopically'' By SIDNEY YANKAUER. Famvir 250 Mg M. D.. New York. Case 1. — A man. Famciclovir Famvir twenty-eight years of age, was admitted to the medical service of Mt. Sinai Hos- pital on September 26. 1920. stating that eight weeks before he awoke suddenly with chills, fever, nausea, headache and pain in the left side Purchase Famvir of the chest. These symptoms continued intermittently up to the date of admission. Cough and profuse, purulent expec- toration increasing in amount were present during this time and there was considerable Order Famvir Online loss of flesh and strength. Examintion of the chest showed on the left side delayed and diminished expansion, dull- ness on j)ercussion above, merging into flatness in the lower part of the chest ; voice and breathing dimin- ished above, absent below. Famvir Price The sputum was nega- tive for tubercle bacilli, there was a moderate leucocytosis, distinct clubbing of the fingers and temperature above 103^. Radiograph showed an infiltration of the greater part of the left lung from the apex to the base with the heart drawn to the left side. The patient was then transferred to the surgical division for aspiration. He was aspirated twelve times in different places with negative result. Fol- lowing the aspiration, a pneumothorax developed. Radiograph taken at this time showed the consoli- dated lung drawn towards the hilum, with an area of pneimiothorax adjacent to the chest wall. The pneumothorax gradually disappeared, but the symp- toms, physical signs and general condition of the patient remained about the same. On November 11th, I made a bronchoscopic ex- amination for diagnostic purposes. I found the left main l)ronchus to be normal in size, color and con- tour for a distance of two cm. from the bifurcation. At this point, the lumen ended abruptly being closed by a mass covered with smooth, normal looking mucous membrane. Examination with the probe showed that the mass was attached to the outer wall of the bronchus above the opening of the upper lobe branch, leaving only a minute opening in the an- terior ]iart through which pus was seen coming with each expiration. The appearance of the tumor re- sembled so closely a fibroma of the bronchus in nearly the identical situation which I reported be- fore the laryngological section of the New York Academy of Medicine in Famvir Online 1916 that I did not hesitate to make the Buy Famvir diagnosis of benign tumor. On November 16th, under local anesthesia, an at- tempt was made to pass a snare around the tumor, but as the base of the mass was too wide, the snare would not take hold. The mass was then removed piecemeal with biting forceps. Immediately Famvir Buy after the removal of the tumor, breathing could be faintly heard in the lower part of the chest. Microscopic e.xamination of the tuinor showed it to be a pure fibroma. (~)n December 13th the patient's general condition was much improved, the cough Famvir Famciclovir had ceased, the pa- tient had gained in weight, and the physical signs Famvir Purchase in the chest had almost entirely cleared up. A bron- choscopic examination made at this time failed to disclose any remnants of the tumor. A radiograph made on December 22nd showed only a small infil- tration at the e.xtreme left base. At the time this report Order Famvir was made the patient had no symptoms of any kind and was apparently completely cured. C.\SE 11. — This patient, a man of fifty, was first seen by me on September 1, 1920. He stated that since 1918 he had sufifered from cough, increasing in severity, with an increasing amount of expectora- tion, which occasionally was blood stained. He also had pain in his left chest. His previous health and family history w^ere good. A radiograph taken in the early stage of his disease showed the presence of an old healed tuberculosis, of which the patient was ever conscious, in the right upper lobe, and believing that the patient was suffering from a re- crudescence of his old Famvir 500mg tuberculosis, his physician sent Buy Famvir Online him to Saranac. Here he was repeatedly ex- amined. Tubercle bacilli were never found, but on the contrary, physical signs appeared in the lower part of the left chest, and a shadow appeared in the radiograph. His condition became Buy Cheap Famvir decidedly worse in the course of the year, so that he was sent back to New York. Here the diagnosis of lung tumor was made by Famvir Cost the internists, by exclusion. On September 10, 1921, a bronchoscopic exami- nation was made Cheap Famvir for diagnosis. Famvir 500 1 foiuid the lower part of the left bronchus, below the opening of the upper lobe branch, completely occluded by the pres- .sure of an intrabronchial mass, which apparently made pressure on the anterior and external walls

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