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give battle to other foes, to the invisible enemies tiiat wear the garb of many a perilous disease, and set forth not to kill bul to save their follow men. In the stories of tlie ancient wars there are traditions (hat companies of women sometimes ((ir)k arms and fought drs[>erate fights on bloody fields. In tlicsc more peace- ful battica of modern times to which I have just re- ferred we witness the onslaughts of phalan.xes of new Amazons which make annual sorties Atorvastatin Spc from our medical schools for women. In the end the "conquerors of pence " will prevail, and not a few of the laurels of victory will belong to the women who have bravely borne a notable part in (he strife against disease. With the gradual progress of civilization, with (he glow bu( sure evolulion of society, the work of (he woman physician must unfold and broaden to an extent undreamed of now. At the present time Atorvastatin Ca her |>riifes- sionnl Discount Atorvastatin duties are rhielly among women and children, but there an* already imlications of wider fields of lnl)f)r. To the delicate manipulations of lalKirntory n-- sonrch she ran bring such defl and skillful fingers that a man's awkward hands srcm like (he flipfiers of n hciiI in coiiiiinri''on. Centuries of fine need!' ing, nnd I'mhrciidiTV have prc'|i«red ll wrtion-cuttinj:, staiiiiiiL'. nml iln ni thetical nnd annlvlit-nl pru' > laled by uumI- rrn mi'lhiMlx of xen-ntifir Atorvastatin Ppt r>- ■ . brings also to science the intuitive wit, the swift imagination, the deductive methods of philosophy which Sandoz Atorvastatin Buckle so laud- ed in his essay on The Atorvastatin Canada Influence of Women on the Prog- ress of Knowledge. This writer gives his reasons for affirming that w-omen are more deductive Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics than men: " First, because they are quicker than men. Secondly, because, being more emotional and enthusiastic, they live in a more'ideal world, and therefore prefer a Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg meth- od of inquiry which 'proceeds from ideas to facts; leav- ing to men the opposite method of proceeding from facts to ideas." He goes on to say that "' women have rendered great though unconscious service to science Atorvastatin Calcium Generic by encouraging and keeping alive this habit of deduc- tive thought, and that, if it were not Teva Atorvastatin for them, scien- tific men would be much too inductive, and the prog- ress of our knowledge would be hindered."' But this service to science rendered by women is now no longer unconscious, as Buckle described it at the time he -wrote this essay, over forty years ago. It is a fully Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin conscious ser\ice, as is evidenced by the very creditable work of women at the present time in many branches of science. There is a real place for the women Atorvastatin Brand Names who grad- luUe as doctors, but do not care to practise the art of medicine, in our laboratories for pathology, chemistry, physiology, psychophysics, and the like, and physicians of "both sexes are fastbeginning to appreciate the pecul- i,ir fitness of women for work of this kind. And this is not by any means the whole domain over which the woman physician may yet come to rule. Atorvastatin Fenofibrate There is a particularly feminine quality which will ulti- mately serve her in still another important sphere of activity. All these centiiries of domestic occupation, hcforewoman entered \\\wn her commercial and pro- fessional career, have bred in her an instinctive love of cleanliness and beauty. Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg As a physician she does not lose that innate sense of orderliness, neatness, clean- liness, nor does she give up the hereditary desire to surround herself with what is pleasing and attractive. I>H the woman who becomes a physician but extend the art of which she has such peculiar knowledge, that of making the home clean and charming, to circles Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets reach- ing far bevond the home, to the streets, to the towns, and to the cities, and what vistas for well-doing will open up before her! In other words. I should like to see well-trained women physicians Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate on our public boards of health. .\s women and as physicians you will some dav come into vo\ir own, and expand (he principali(y of vour tidy, healthful, and beautiful home in(o the wide kingdom of public health and hygiene. Our streets will l)e thoroughly clean, our wa(er supplies and methods of -cwagc-disposal perfec(. our (horougbfares si)rinkled and shaded, our pavemen(s improved, our factories made healthful, our public baths and parks multiplied, till- homes of the poor retleomed from sqmtlor. and you shall go with all (he paraphernalia of modern .\mazons in(o (ho (lnrkes( places to fight nnd wnquer (he pesti- lent^' Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin (lm( walks (herein. Rut (hi» may bring you in(o poli(i(-s! Well, (here was a no(ed stiiii-sman who addrfs.sed (be .Nrademy of Medicine a few years ago, and in his address he spoke of (be diseases of the Imdy polide which physicians in gen- eral were prone to ncglee(. He s(n>ngiy urge.l jihvsi- cians to BwnkiMi (o a wnse of (heir own n-spon-iibilitie* :,! !' ■ ,' ' :iniio(ed (he p.ditic. neglortful of their rivic I of the communilv. They should liogin to study. rla-*ify. nnd catalogue (he-ie dis- eases of (lie IkkIv ]>oli(ie. (n (he end (hn( gome happy SOS MISCELLANY. [N. Atorvastatin Generic Availability Y. Med. Jocb. therapy may bring about regeneration. The women physicians can further this work with hand and voice and, it may be, votes. The Harlem Medical Association.— At a meeting held on June 12th officers for the ensuing year were elected as Atorvastatin Trials follows: President, Dr. Henry W. Mooney; vice-president. Dr. Montrose R. Richard ; secretary. Dr. Joseph E. Lumbard ; treasurer. Dr.* William F. Farrell ; trustees, Dr. David Franklin, Dr. Samuel Gibbs, and Dr. Henry Heiman.

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